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Investment Grade Residential (IGR)  is a platform for off market residential rental property. The network is made up of both Individual & Institutional Investors, Private Real Estate Equity Firms, Financial Institutions, Regional Asset Teams, Private Lenders, Insurance Companies Regional & National Property Management Firms.


Investment Grade Residential ( IGR )  was founded on the idea that greater qualified vetting of rental income property, risk mitigation and appropriate transparency of residential investment grade opportunities results in a higher ROI for investors.

We provide principals, real estate brokers, private equity and institutional sources the most productive and cost effective way to acquire, dispose, finance and capitalize on investment grade residential income properties.

Investment Grade Residential is a By Invitation Only Off Market Investment Grade Residential Income Property Platform & Network.

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Residential Cash Flow Positive Income Properties

All income properties have been fully rehabbed have tenants in place prior to closing and include property management !

Residential Income Property


Note Cash on Cash Returns vary by market from 5% - 12% depending on relative risk factors and age of housing.

IGR is a By Invitation Off Market Investment Grade Residential Platform. We very much value our networks relationships. If you where referred to this site please enter the advisor code you where provided. If you don't know the code or where not referred please leave blank.

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